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CCTV Camera

Honeywell, Hikvision, Samsung, Hi-Focus, CP Plus, Bosch, Sony branded cctv cameras

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Video Door Phones

Ring, Panasonic, Active, AViS, Godrej, Smart, CP Plus branded video door phones

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EPABX Systems

Panasonic, Jenix, Optisoft, Navkar, Motorola, Binaton, Beetal branded EPABX Systems

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Brothers Security System is one of the market leader in CCTV Cameras installation and Video Door Phone industry. We are known for our excellent services, quick delivery and transparent system. We deal in every type of surveillance cameras, video door phones, EPABX, GPS, Intercom, Alarm System. We provide products at wholesale prices. So if you are looking for installing security system then do contact us.


Why CCTV Cameras are very important ? 

CCTV Cameras application is not limited to offices only. With growing population problem India needs security system more than any other country. CCTV Cameras can provide you with following benefits 

  1. Monitor your house when you are not there. This will help you to catch any suspicious activity. CCTV Cameras are known for avoiding theft and burglary.
  2. Collecting proof and evidences. In case some misahappening like theft or more serious crime happens, CCTV cameras play a vital role in providing evidence. Night vision cameras can work in night also and can make clear videos of everything
  3. Avoiding theft and burglary: Thieves and criminals avoid places with CCTV Cameras. So it is much better to install cameras in your premesis
  4. Monitoring of children : CCTV Cameras are used in houses for monitoring children and see if they are doing okay or not. Many times CCTV Cameras have saved lives.


How to get CCTV Camera installed in your house ?

It is very simple. Search online or find CCTV Camera installation services around you. If you are based in Delhi NCR or Cities around Gurgaon you can call us at ...... for quick and reliable services


What is cost of CCTV Cameras installation ?

Cost of CCTV Camera installation varies from city to city. Here is a rough estimate of cost of installation of cameras in your house 


Sr No Camera Cost
1 2 Hikvision CCTV Camera set Rs14000
2 4 Hikvision CCTV Camera set Rs2000
3 16 Hikvision CCTV Camera set  Rs70000


Where are CCTV Cameras used most ?

CCTV Cameras are most used in Hotels, Restraunt, Factories,  Companies, Offices, Homes. You can also get CCTV Cameras for outside. We provide night vision cameras at the best price in gurgaon.

What are different types of CCTV cameras ?

  1. Dome CCTV Cameras : Dome CCTV Cameras are high performing cameras which are covered inside a semespherical or spherical dome. They are highly recommended for offices, houses as they get merged inside design of house and are hard to notice
  2. Bullet CCTV Cameras : These are unidirectional cameras pointing toward one direction. They are clearly visible and are useful for places like companies, factories, outdoor, etc
  3. Day/Night CCTV Camera : Day night cctv cameras can work in both day and night. They can work in low light and are very efficient to provide safety at night. They are highly recommended for outdoor requirements
  4. Wireless CCTV Camera : Wireless CCTV Camera are very efficient and completely wireless. You don't have to worry about any wire. They are slightly expensive but very compact.
  5. HD CCTV Camera : High definition CCTV Cameras records everything in high definition. They are very effective to record everything in full hd.